Sites to Check Out


Big Sticks Fine Cigars

Big Sticks is a fine cigar shop with a knowledgeable staff on pipes and pipe tobacco. They have libations to please any palate, a staff second to none in attentiveness and friendliness, and is the meeting place of the Arizona Pipe club. 

JD Cole and the Country Squire in Jackson Mississippi

We endorse JD Cole, at the Country Squire in Jackson Mississippi, along with his fellow partner Beau York at the radio/podcast show that bears the same name. They are a great source for provisions and all things pipe related. 

Pappy Joe

 Pappy Joe is a southern gentleman that has a folksy way of connecting with his readers. Seasoned by years of salty protectiveness of our country, his reflections represent the wisdom of a well seasoned pipe smoker! 

The Briar Patch

Light a bowl, sit back and relax. The Briar Patch is the premier place for pipe and tobacco information. Whether you just want to shoot the breeze with your friends or you need information on the pipe club nearest you, our goal is to be the go-to informational site for the pipe smoking community. 

United Pipe Clubs of America

We are proud members of UPCA, an organization that exists to support the local pipe club.